Looking back at how I started this sustainability journey, it began as a corporate activity or rather, part of my evolved job scope as an Investor Relations officer, which transpired into a personal journey to do good in the society by my own efforts through founding a volunteer group, but…

How is the ‘Garden City’ doing amidst the pandemic

In a National Geographic article (National Geographic, 2017), Singapore was spotlighted as a city which aims to be the world’s greenest. So, three years down the road, how has we fared as a nation?

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore (attraction) Cr: kkday

We have also been pride as a…

Hello guys!

Happy Chinese New Year :) We are currently at Day 3 of CNY and it typically lasts for 15 days even though we will have to head back to work on the 4th day of CNY this year.

Pic credit — unsplash

That being said, I was trying to illustrate how this…

Making it Easy.

Talking about sustainability in Singapore, may I generally broadly categorise the school of thoughts into two. The first being the camp of ‘too little too late’, and the latter being ‘better late than never’.

For the past few years, apart from driving corporate sustainability practices at work…

Janet Chia

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